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Scottsdale Golf Homes

Many people love living in Scottsdale golf communities and don't play golf. Homes are surrounded by green grass fairways, lush landscape and the people enjoy a terrific lifestyle. These communities include golf courses and many offer recreation centers with full amenities, hiking and walking trails, mountain views and much more.
There are several choices and reasonable price ranges for single family homes as well as condos. You may prefer a Scottsdale golf course home on the fairway or the "lock and leave" lifestyle of Townhome/Condo living. Check out the Scottsdale Golf Homes for Sale page and find the home that's right for you.

For those that play the game, you can chose to live in communities with a public course or the option of living in a Scottsdale golf community with a private course (some require club membership). Wherever you live in Scottsdale you always have access to several course within a 15 minute drive.

Scottsdale Golf Course Homes - If you enjoy golf and want to live on the fairway, how about a home on the golf course. The homes can be right on the fairway, some are set back and offer great mountain views. North Scottsdale communities and courses offer desert living, and the landscape in central Scottsdale is more lush with trees and green beltways.
If you are looking for information about Scottsdale golf communities with puiblic or private courses, go to my Scottsdale Golf Home Listings page for details.

Scottsdale AZ Single Family Homes for Sale

Scottsdale Homes for Sale

Have you ever imagined living in a vacation destination? There is much more to Scottsdale than golf. The weather of course, yet we are also known for first class restuarants, shopping, spring baseball, world class car and horse shows.

Looking for bargains and great deals for homes, Scottsdale is an excellent choice. Here you can search all Scottsdale Homes for Sale or check out Scottsdale Distressed Properties.

Location, location, location is more important today than ever. It's all about the area and community. It's not too late to find a great deal and I strongly believe that this is the best time in years to buy. Now is a great time to find an excellent home, but you need a local market expert to help you find the buying opportunities.

New listings come on the market daily with the best values selling first. You can receive a daily report for new listings and price changes or, have your own customized list of homes that meet your specifications. Call me at 480.695.9888


Scottsdale Golf Condos

Scottsdale is one of the most sought after places for a winter home. There are an abundance of Scottsdale condos which are typically apartment style and can be clustered buildings with 2 or more units. Townhomes are multi-dwelling units and most often include a garage. Definitions and listing designation between the two varies per agent. For convenience, both are combined under the condo umbrella.

Here are the popular Scottsdale condos for sale that people look for:

Scottsdale Golf Course Condos - most are right on the fairway.

Scottsdale Condos with a Garage $250,000 to $500,000

Search for all Scottsdale Condo Listings and create your own search, or go to the Quick Search page for custom links.


Scottsdale AZ Condominiums for Sale

Scottsdale Golf Communities

Scottsdale golf communities offer beautiful scenery, a great lifestyle and you don't have to play golf to enjoy it! Take a look at some great Scottsdale Golf Community Homes or if you prefer, Scottsdale Golf Condos.

There are golf communities that have public golf courses and those with a private golf club. Some of the private club communities require club membership, so feel free to contact me for further information. Click here to view the Scottsdale Golf Communities and more.

Unique Scottsdale Homes

Would you believe that their are waterfront homes in Scottsdale? The answer is yes in Scottsdale Ranch and other Scottsdale properties many be on ponds or along a canal. You can also find homes in the middle of Scottsdale zoned for horses, and there are horse trails running throughout the town. Watch out for the horse crossing signs.

Here are some of the more unique and specialty type of Scottsdale homes for sale that may be of interest:
Scottsdale Waterfront Homes
Scottsdale Waterfront Condos
Scottsdale Horse Properties - up to $750,000
Scottsdale Horse Properties - $750,000 and Up


Scottsdale Patios Homes
These are typically single story homes in groups of with 2 to 4 units that share a common wall. There is a limited or no backyard, and most will be in an HOA with landscaping included.
Scottsdale Patio Homes up to $500,000
Scottsdale Patio Homes $500,000 and Up

Scottsdale Distressed Properties for Sale

Scottsdale foreclosures have declined to one of the lowest levels in the Phoenix market, currently representing less than 4% of all Scottsdale homes for sale. It's important to review all distressed properties, defined as homes that include bank owned (foreclosures) and short sales. Bank owned listing prices have increased by over 30% this past 12 months and selections are limited. Create you own search Scottsdale Distressed Properties or you can go to the Scottsdale Real Estate page and Quick Search listings by price range.

Although the "better" opportunity is with all Scottsdale distressed properties for sale, you may prefer to only look at bank owned foreclosures. Here are the Scottsdale Bank Owned Homes and also the Scottsdale Bank Owned Condos.

Something of Interest: A chart of Distressed Sales by City for the Phoenix Metro area showing comparisons of the bank owned, pre- foreclosures and short sales.

If you want to view and search all the bank owned homes in the Phoenix Valley, here are All Phoenix Metro Foreclosures.

Scottsdale short sale properties now compete well on price and often offer a better value. The property condition in generally is better, fewer improvements needed and some are 'move-in ready". If you want assistance, feel free to contact Dan Graham by phone, e-mail or send a text message.


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